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Hannah explains the Progress package

The HH Training eight-week strength-based signature package.

The main focus of the HH Training Progress Package is strength training with an intense finisher. Put very simply, weight training provides a stress to the muscles that causes them to adapt and get stronger. More importantly, lean muscle mass decreases with age and is replaced by fat. Start to reverse that trend with HH Training now. We, at HH Training, personally exercise for the health benefits above; we are not getting any younger and that is enough for us to use this method of training.

We would be lying if we said aesthetics play absolutely no part in why we train as we do. The combination of strength and high-intensity training will build muscle (which burns more calories at rest than fat) and reduce fat. Even when you have finished your strength training your body may keep burning calories for hours or days afterwards. High-intensity training is the most efficient way to burn calories in the shortest period of time - you must work to a high intensity though; go all out in the finishers!

The purpose of the progress package is to be accessible to as many people as possible. It is not a tailored package, as we wanted to give an option of a reduced rate. We are very aware of the expense of staying fit and healthy.


A word of caution!

You could do more harm to yourself than good if you do not train with the correct technique. If you are new to weight training, we would not recommend the progress package, instead the Perform or Peak packages with individual guidance from Hannah will be for you. Everything will be tracked in an app and there will be handy videos to show the exercises performed correctly.


Here are a couple of other tips to go alongside your progress package:

  • Nutrition: eat a BALANCED diet - if you do not know what this means please get in touch, we can explain the basics to you or refer you to a great nutritionist.

  • Hydration: A simple one but stay hydrated, particularly on days that you are exercising intensely - at least 8 glasses/1.2 litres per day.

  • Sleep: we are not experts in sleep, but we do know how important it is. Not getting enough sleep may reduce your energy levels and impact your training. Low levels of sleep can also affect your ability to lose weight and increase your risk of injury. We recommend reading 'Why we sleep' by Matthew Walker.

  • Stress: Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, however, going to the gym can often be frustrating. An HH Training package will take the stress out of exercising by providing you with direction, inspiration and motivation.


Progress Package prices:

We offer two, three or four programmed sessions per week with the progress package. You can buy the package in an eight-week block.

  • 2 x per week £25 per month

  • 3 x per week £30 per month

  • 4 x per week £35 per month

Hannah will provide all the online support you need with the package. From questions about exercises to alternatives if you have injuries etc.


Online Live Classes

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