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What has been keeping you going through this crazy year?

It’s been a while between blog posts again and lots has changed again!

Here is a quick update..Jack and I are now living on the Somerset/Devon border in Exmoor National Park. We are in the process of buying a barn with land on the Cornish/Devon border near Bude. That’s right, we’re going to build our own house! This is where we will also be setting up the retreats in the future. Watch this space! We’ve been very busy down internet blackholes of what you need to buy for a newborn baby as my due date is less than eight weeks away - eeeek!

Unfortunately, we are all still living through and navigating Covid-19 - a real challenge for a lot of us coming into winter. After a little reflection, here are a few of my constants that have kept me somewhat grounded in this very bizarre year that I wanted to share:

1. Exercise

Exercising in the morning really sets up my day properly. Getting those endorphins flowing through my body. Being pregnant, this hasn’t been as constant as usual because I do listen to my body now more than ever now. Some days I haven’t had the energy to do anything really! I do know, if I exercise in the morning, that my day will be 100 times better. What does exercise look like for me at the moment?

  • Strength training three times per week - I have a couple of dumbbells and a couple of kettlebells at home. The sessions last about 45 minutes, including a comprehensive warm up and stretch.

  • Pregnancy Yoga twice per week - I found it really hard to get on board with pregnancy yoga to start with, now it feels amazing.

  • Maybe a fun partner workout with Jack at the weekend!

2. Walking

I realise this is exercise but I put it separately because it has been a separate constant in my year. As I have said before, walking everyday really is the answer to everything for Jack and I. It's an amazing time spent with no distractions - just the two of us in the beautiful countryside, the fresh air, it’s when we have all of our best ideas, talk about what we want from life or what we’re having to eat for the week! Onto food…

3. Food

Food is a massive part of our lives. We love food. I have never understood those people with that ‘Eat to Live’ rather than ‘Live to Eat’. Our days have always been planned out around food. That’s been even more important during the lockdowns - planning, cooking and eating meals. Even food shopping, seeing as that is the only thing we can really do out of the house at the moment! We have even started doing a date night once a week. One person has to cook something they have never cooked before - such a great challenge and nice to get dressed up once a week!

4. Games

We love playing games, they obviously have to be two player games. Again, for us, this is such a great way to spend quality time together. Although I may have thrown one of our games across the living room the other day (I’ll blame the pregnancy hormones!)

Here are some of our favs: Star Realms, Smash Up, Carcassonne.

Our ultimate fav, if you’re looking for a Christmas pressie is Monopoly Deal (this one has to be played with three or more players).

5. Music

Music really has kept me going at some points during this lockdown in particular. I can’t sing to save my life, luckily Jack can’t either and for some weird reason he finds it endearing when I do sing my heart out - luckily we don’t have neighbours! Next time you’re feeling a bit rubbish, pop some great disco hits on, sing your heart out and have a little boogie. You will forget why you were feeling rubbish.

Here are my new found things since the last lockdown that have really helped me, particularly as the weather is getting colder:

1. TV

Namely: The Crown, MasterChef, Strictly Come Dancing and the rugby that is back! Sometimes it’s just nice to sit on the sofa and watch TV right? Especially when you're 32+ weeks pregnant!

2. Cross Stitch, Sewing & Coloring

I am not very creative but have been wanting to try a ‘creative hobby’ for a while. One of my great friends knew this and messaged me recently saying ‘Han, I think you should try something that is creative but with steps/not too creative.’ Hence, the cross stitch and colouring. I have loved them, really methodical to the extent that I would class them as self care..maybe! I have even challenged myself to make Jack an advent calendar - you know those with pockets…?!

3. Self Care

I have always been a big advocate for this but in practice I haven’t ever been very good at it. I’m not very good at sitting still. Taking a couple of baths per week have been so heavenly! The other change has been practising my hypnobirthing daily. I couldn’t recommend hypnobirthing enough, particularly The Hypnobirthing Place. If you would like any more information on it please feel free to get in touch.

4. My NEW Pregnancy Class

I have set up a free pregnancy strength training class for mums-to-be to stay active during this lockdown and it has given me so much joy. I love planning it - I do all the workouts beforehand. Mainly, I love seeing so many pregnant ladies in one place - even if it is through a screen. It has given me a renewed drive to bring awareness to women’s health.

With that, I am excited to announce that I am an ambassador for Natal Active, an amazing small business with the best pre and postnatal activewear you can buy. Use HHORLICK10 for a 10% discount.

I am going to continue the FREE Monday class (17.45 - 18.30) up until Christmas, sign up here if you would like to come and join us. All the details of the format of the class are here.

I am also running a pregnancy class on Thursdays, same time 17.45 - 18.30 for just £5. Sign up here if you would like to join that one.

If those times don’t suit you, please get in touch. I am happy to send you the recordings.

Watch this space for another blog post on strength training in pregnancy with a workout to try at home.

Don’t forget, I am also still running my non-pregnancy online classes.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8-9am, £24 for the week. Sign up here.

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