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The Wellness Sessions

Movement . Think . Feel . Nourishment

Falmouth, Cornwall

Early 2023

Supportive Connections, Education & Wellness

This is a specialised program for women to help gain further insight on specific personal needs for mental and physical health. Working together, we will create a blueprint that will build a strong foundation for you to continue on your movement of the mind and body.

Suzi and I have decided to bring these workshops together because of our passion for wellness in the mind and in the body. I have been having walking therapy with Suzi for about a year and Suzi has been training with me. We both take a holistic approach to our jobs so understand the importance of looking at your life as a whole,  and our expertise compliment each other perfectly to offer a well rounded wellness program we know you will love. 

Read more about Suzi here. 

The Wellness Session are founded on the principles of 


Group Therapy gives us a toolbox of strategies that we can share with our friends and family and allows outside wellness, supportive connection and education.

It will look a little like this:

  • Check In

  • Topical learning activity

  • Movement (walk, swim, strength training, yoga)

The group sessions will be accompanied by individual and personal sessions to compliment and enhance your own awareness of body and mind.

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