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Constantine, Cornwall

My mission is to make strength training accessible. I empower women to invest something back into themselves.  

I support women via exercise through massive changes in their lives - whether that is pregnancy, post natal, menopause or something else...

I am totally committed to helping people achieve their fitness goals to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I will be your support through the journey.



I offer Personal Training and Reformer Pilates sessions at my home gym in Constantine, Falmouth.


These gym sessions are entirely tailored to you.

We start with an extensive consultation so we can get the best out of each other.



I also offer Group Training sessions.


If you would like to get some friends or colleagues to train together.


I love the fun of training a group, you can challenge each other and work together to become fitter and stronger.


A bit of healthy competition is always a good thing!


  • My fitness coaching is holistic. I like to look at your lifestyle as a whole - exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress. This is why I have teamed up with the amazing therapist Suzi Todd from Think & Feel - click here to see our wellness program. 

  • I use a simple approach: effective training is never fancy or over complicated. 

  • A combination of weight training, conditioning and reformer Pilates. 

  • I will encourage you to find other means of exercise to keep a balance and to stay active in the sedentary world we are living in. Whether that is walking, running, paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, playing tennis, yoga.

  • I will listen to you. If your body needs recovery we can go for a cold water swim and have a stretch on the beach.



 I am a Pre and Post Natal Qualified  Fitness Professional.

I have two gorgeous daughters so I am very aware of the changes pregnancy, birth (I had a planned caesarean with my first and VBAC with my second) and having young children puts on your body.


It is so important to continue to exercise in order to stay strong during pregnancy, for birth, and also afterwards. I would love to support you through your pregnancy and after you've had your baby.

I am a proud ambassador for Natal Active - who have the best range of stylish, supportive and colourful activewear, with each piece designed to see you through pregnancy, breastfeeding and years beyond. All clients will receive a Natal Active discount code.


Strength training is integral to growing old healthily.


Did you know that your bone density starts to decrease from around 30 years of age?


Which means your bones are more likely to break as you get older. The only way you can counteract this is by building muscle to support your bones.


But strength training doesn’t mean you will look like Arnold Swarzeneggar and with the right guidance it is really accessible.


I would love to educate you on the importance of adding strength training to your weekly non-negotiables. 

Woman practicing yoga

I offer exercise advice and training specific for women in the peri-menopause and in the menopause based on evidence and experience, no gimmicks.

The Menopause is another big change women go through and exercise is undoubtedly the best medicine in this changing time. 

I have completed the fantastic Menopause Movement course and share their collective vision to make a difference to how we encourage women to move going into the menopause. How women can find joy in exercise, with an understanding of the fundamental importance of movement, for overall health and well being. Ensuring women are able to easily access the support they may need. Making exercise accessible, fun and supportive.


I'm Hannah

Here's a little bit about me....

I am 34, living in Constantine, Falmouth, and a Mum to an incredibly cheeky three year old, Bea and six month old Willa. I absolutely love the outdoors - hiking with my husband, with our daughters is pure happiness for me. I love a variety of exercise - yoga, strength training, reformer pilates, high intensity training, hiking, running.


My path towards becoming a Personal Trainer wasn’t straightforward. I have (nearly) always worked in the world of sport in different capacities, from legal to sponsorship roles. I have worked in Sports Agencies in London and Sydney and at two very prestigious sports clubs - Manchester City Football Club and Sydney Swans Football Club.


I obtained my Master Trainers course (Level 4 Personal Training) in Australia and am very proud to have been the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the inaugural Sydney Swans Girls Academy. Since returning to the UK, I have worked at Reach Fitness and for Mobfit. Reach is one of the best gyms in London for group fitness and Mobfit is a company founded on the principle of making office workers happier and healthier. 


I took my business online during Covid and had a really great group of people from all around the world doing my classes three times per week. Prior to having my daughter I did my pre and postnatal training qualifications and feel truly qualified after my active pregnancy and postnatal journey.


I have recently completed the amazing training - Menopause Movement and am working with various clients during this change in their lives. Exercise really is the best medicine.

I endeavour to continue to build my business supporting and empowering women in Cornwall to invest in themselves. I truly believe a consistent exercise practice should be a non-negotiable in everyone's lives.

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